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Time in Sudbury:
  • Providing a safe and efficient transportation system for the four school boards in the Greater Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin areas.

  • 07-Apr-2017 We are currently looking for friendly, positive individuals who enjoy children and have a desire to make a difference in their lives but also want a career that fits their own lifestyle. If you’re a stay at-home parent but don’t want to give up time with your children, a retiree looking for a rewarding way to spend part of each day, or a student over 21 looking for additional income, this might be the part-time career you’ve been looking for. Enjoy the many benefits of being a school bus driver. • Regular, part-time hours • Free training including First Aid and CPR • Competitive wages • Independent work environment • Weekends, holidays and summers o • Ability to bring young children to work Want more information? Contact the school bus operator in your area: Leuschen Transportation 705.674.0708 Northway Bus Lines 705.897.1281 C&D Bus Lines 705.855.3817 Veterans of Espanola 705.869.2250 A.J. Bus Lines 705.368.0262 Carl Brown Bus 705.859.3474
  • 07-Apr-2017 

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    History and Mission

    The Sudbury Student Services was formed on January 17, 2001 as a partnership of the four coterminous school boards in the Sudbury area to deliver common services beginning with student transportation.

    The Rainbow District School Board,
    Le Conseil Scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario,
    The Sudbury Catholic District School Board, and
    Le Conseil Scolaire public du Grand Nord de l'Ontario

    In July 2009, the four Partner Boards establishes the Consortium as a Seperate Legal Entity through incorporation to further formalize its entity status.

    The Sudbury Student Services Consortium also provides transportation services for Huron Superior Catholic District School Board as well as five area First Nations.

    The Sudbury Student Services Consortium is governed by a board of directors consisting of the Chief Financial Officer of each of the member school boards.

    The Sudbury Student Services Consortium currently transports over 21,500 students on 395 buses daily at a cost of over $27,121,651 per year. Continuous optimization exercises have resulted in a transportation system that is one of the most efficient and cost effective in the Province of Ontario.

    In addition, the Consortium has implemented one of the most extensive School Bus Safety programs in Ontario. This program includes interactive rider safety training programs for all pupils in grades K to 8 in all 100 of the elementary schools that we serve.

    We are also monitoring service levels and measuring them against a number of key service indicators in order to ensure that service is maintained at a high level.

    Bilingual staff is available to take telephone calls at 521-1234 from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. (Hours are subject to change during school holidays and during the summer.)

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    Contact Information

    Sudbury Student Services Consortium

    199 Travers St.
    Sudbury, ON P3C 3K2

    Telephone: (705) 521-1234 (Toll Free): 1-877-225-1196

    Suggestions or comments to: [email protected]

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    Renée Boucher, Executive Director